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New ShopRota page - There’s a new page with the slots still available for the rest of the year and helpers initials to help you remember!

Charlton Spring Festival

Shop Now Open Saturdays 9 - 12. Lots of Pots in Stock!

Welcome to another year and we are all ready with an extensive stock of potatoes, garlic and onions. We are stocking prepacked 2 Kg bags of pots again this yearbut we are happy to split a bag if you prefer to have more varieties in smaller amounts - please ask.

We are again stocking Kings seeds in the shop and have increased the range. We are selling these a a similar discount to the on line prices so they offer excellent value for top quality seeds.

We have also purchased peas and beans in bulk from Kings and will sell these in smaller packs suitable for a years growing at very reasonable prices - see the seeds page for details.

Seeds start at only 30p packet.

 Membership is still only £1!

Potato varieties available this year (all £2 / 2 Kg except Pink Fir Apple and Sarpo Mira which are £3 / 2 Kg):

Now 3 bags for £5 (Pink Fir Apple / Sarpo - £1 extra per bag)

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